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Ex-Wacker coach Schmidt new trainer at Mattersburg

The Styrian follows the recently dismissed head coach Gerald Baumgartner in the Burgenland region.

Mattersburg – Bundesliga soccer team SV Mattersburg has found the successor to Gerald Baumgartner, who was dismissed a week ago. Klaus Schmidt takes over the position of head coach and receives a contract until the end of the season. According to the 50-year-old, there is an option to extend the contract if he succeeds in maintaining his class. Already on Saturday Schmidt makes his debut with the guest performance at Austria Vienna.

The coach is pleased to accept the difficult task at the start: “I accept the fact that I will start with an away match against Austria, the draw is no wishful thinking. I just drove past the new Austria Stadium a few weeks ago and thought it would be nice to coach in there – my wish came true so quickly.”

SV Austria Salzburg Club honours

  • Regionalliga West: Champions 2014, 2015
  • Landescup: Winners 2012, 2013, 2014
  • 1. Landesliga: Champions 2010
  • 2. Landesliga: Champions 2009
  • 1. Klasse Nord: Champions 2008
  • 2. Klasse Nord A: Champions 2007

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“Team can defend itself”

The Mattersburg team’s top priority is also to maintain their class with the new coach. The Styrian already knows a lot about his new team. “I have been very intensively involved with the team through video studies and am in close contact with Markus Schmidt and Robert Almer,” he said. The goalless draw at the Admira last weekend was a step in the right direction. “On Sunday it was seen that the team can defend itself. From now on it is important to get an even more positive feeling into the minds of the players until Friday”, Schmidt said.

For the trained physiotherapist, Mattersburg is the third coaching station in the Bundesliga. Last season he coached Altach, in the 2007/08 season he was responsible for Austria Kärnten for several months. In between Schmidt was in charge of Kapfenberg, Austria Salzburg, Wacker Innsbruck and Blau-Weiß Linz. On (today) Tuesday, he will conduct his first training session in Mattersburg at 4 pm.

He expects to take over an intact team. “I am convinced that Baumgartner has done a great job in recent years and would like to build on it,” Schmidt stressed. After there had been disagreements about a transfer in Mattersburg recently, the new coach first wants to rely on the existing squad, but doesn’t rule out new arrivals either. “I’d like to concentrate on the current players and show them that they’re all important. We’ll see what we can do in the next few days, if we can find players who can help us. We will also be looking at players without contracts,” Schmidt announced. Moon Bingo have been offering a superb choice of bingo and games to their players.

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Wacker trainer Daxbacher: “It’s no good hitting it now”

No trace of euphoria about promotion: After five Bundesliga rounds FC Wacker is second last in the table. However, the game layout and the draw for the coming rounds give the Black Greens courage.

Innsbruck – What does a coach say about a team that regularly performs well on the pitch, but has only three points after five rounds? “The positive has priority,” said Wacker coach Karl Daxbacher yesterday at noon. “The team is at least as disappointed as I am. It doesn’t help now.”

And there were also positive things to note after the 1:2 defeat at record champion Rapid: The Black Greens were courageous in their approach to the game, but they also played convincingly. “Especially in the second half there were some very good combinations. We were courageous, the commitment and the willingness to run were also given”, Daxbacher knew.

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But the Lower Austrian also knows of course that the table spits the Innsbruckers out after five rounds on the penultimate table place. “It’s really bitter, but of course we have to bring results now. The next game will of course be very important.”

One could also talk about the next weeks. Because after the duel with Hartberg Wolfsberg (16. 9./A), Admira (23. 9./H) and Mattersburg (30. 9./A) are waiting for the black greens. Four games, in which the point account should receive finally increase. “There we have realistic chances in any case”, Daxbacher looks ahead. Weeks of truth, so to speak. Babe Casino has the biggest gaming libraries in the world.

Despite all the praise for the Innsbruck playground – also the rapid responsible persons took their hat off to the Tyroleans on Sunday – the own mistakes should of course not be hushed up. “They are clearly addressed. “For example the many simple ball losses. “If we don’t turn them off, we won’t get any points,” said Mittelfeldmann Martin Harrer. It is made too easy for the opponents in addition with the Gegentoren. “Inconsistent”, Christoph Freitag, probably the strongest Tyrolean on Sunday in the Allianz Stadium, called the defensive behaviour of Stefan Schwab at the Viennese leading goal.

And the necessary cold-bloodedness is still missing at the front. As against St. Pölten, numerous chances were missed. General Manager Alfred Hörtnagl could hardly believe that he had to leave his old place of work with empty hands. “We must slowly transform our achievements into something countable, but we can manage that.” His word in God’s ear.

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Decision for Rapid, and probably also for Djuricin

On Thursday evening  Rapid Wien will be in the second leg of the Europa League play-off in Bucharest before the “Game of the Year”.

Vienna, Bucharest – Although the season is still young, Rapid today is practically waiting for a “Game of the Year”. The play-off return match for the European Football League in Bucharest against the Steaua successor club FCSB is about moving into the group phase and thus about a major seasonal goal that would generate several million euros in additional income.

But it’s also about the future of coach Goran Djuricin, who has come under fire. The Viennese would be even more difficult to count if the 3-1 lead from the first game were to be lost. As is well known, the organised fan scene is demanding the replacement of the 43-year-old. “But that doesn’t matter to me at all before this game,” the coach reaffirmed yesterday before his departure to the Romanian capital.

Steffen Hofmann Honours


  • Austrian Footballer of the Year: 2004, 2009
  • Krone Footballer of the Year (voted by fans): 2006, 2007

Bayern Munich Junior Team

  • German B-youth Championship: 1997

SK Rapid Wien

  • Austrian Football Bundesliga Championship: 2004–05, 2007–08

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His team can expect a heated atmosphere there. Djuricin expects more than 40,000 spectators in the “Arena Nationale”, including about 500 in the Rapid camp. “It will be intense. We have to prove ourselves just like in the first match,” the coach explained. Universal Slots has a unique selection of slot machines and table games.

Djuricin is counting on the hosts to be on the offensive right from the start. “They will attack immediately because they have more pressure than we do. They need at least two goals, but we want to shoot at least one.”

In spite of the expected loud audience support and the FCSB qualities in the offensive, Djuricin started the trip with a lot of optimism. “We’re flying to Bucharest with great expectations, because we already saw what was possible in the first leg.”

In the propeller plane designed for 68 passengers, 21 players sat next to the club management and talent manager Steffen Hofmann. Among them was Veton Berisha, who is suspended this time after his exclusion a week ago in Vienna. “His retirement hurts us very much. He is a real kilometre eater who can sprint a lot,” said Djuricin about the offensive player. Romania’s Andrei Ivan could take his place in the starting line-up. Even without Berisha, the seventh entry into the Europa League group phase is to be fixed, which would bring six more European Cup games and important additional income in the autumn. “That would be great for the club and the team, but also for me personally,” said Djuricin.

Getting Your Writing Groove Back Is Easy As 1-2-3

Don’t you hate it, when despite your best efforts, you keep ending up with a story that doesn’t meet your expectations? Have you simply lost your writing muse?

You might think that this is just a case of “writer’s block” and that you’ll get the creative juices flowing after taking a break. But what will you do if this isn’t the case?

Here are some tips to try and get your writing groove back.

Take a Vacation

I don’t mean going on a travel vacation. I’m referring to taking a vacation from writing. Set aside your writing for a moment to give your creativity a rest.  Try to keep your mind off your story. If it helps, you could also take a well-deserved travel vacation just to refresh your mind.

Practice Your Socialization Skills

Writers are often dubbed as a recluse due to their need to concentrate on their writing. They rarely take the time off to socialize with family and friends particularly if the creative juices are flowing.

Take this time to visit with your family and friends. Take a peek at your social media accounts to see what’s happening and to be able to reconnect. This just might be the form of rest that you need to get those creative juices pumping again.

Exercise Your Body

A healthy body equals a healthy and sound mind. If you sit in front of the computer for long periods of time within the day to write, I recommend going out for a run or walk. You might also want to visit the local gym.

Whichever way you choose, the point here is that you also have to exercise your body to keep them healthy as well. Getting a good night’s sleep is also highly recommended.

With these tips, I hope you get your writing groove back. If not, then repeat all of the tips until you get back your groove. Happy writing!

4 Hacks for Scheduled Story Writing

Are you an aspiring writer but often find yourself too busy with everyday living to take the time off and just concentrate on writing a story that you’ve been toying with for some time in your mind?

Here are a few hacks that can get you jump started.

Write on Schedule

Set a specific time on your daily routine to doing nothing but writing your story. If this means putting a big “Do Not Disturb” sign on your door, go ahead and do it! The main thing here is that you set aside a time to dedicate towards your writing goal.

Keep on Writing

Even on days when you may say you are suffering from “writer’s block”, try to write even one or two sentences. It may just be a few sentences of gibberish and not related to the story itself, but you have to persist and not be disheartened.

Short Writing Sessions

Make it a habit to bring along a notebook and pen so you can write whenever inspiration strikes you but try limit it to an hour or under an hour.

You may be riding a bus and get stuck in traffic when a thought suddenly enters your mind. Simply write down your thoughts. If you didn’t get to finish what you were writing at the time, no need to rush. This is a good reason for you to continue where you left off during your scheduled writing time.

Get It Done

Don’t make excuses if you are planning to be a serious writer. It might be a bit difficult at first but making a habit out of taking an hour or two a day to simply focus on writing would be a perfect start.

Overall, it isn’t easy to find time the write. You really need to try to set aside a time to write.

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