4 Hacks for Scheduled Story Writing

Are you an aspiring writer but often find yourself too busy with everyday living to take the time off and just concentrate on writing a story that you’ve been toying with for some time in your mind?

Here are a few hacks that can get you jump started.

Write on Schedule

Set a specific time on your daily routine to doing nothing but writing your story. If this means putting a big “Do Not Disturb” sign on your door, go ahead and do it! The main thing here is that you set aside a time to dedicate towards your writing goal.

Keep on Writing

Even on days when you may say you are suffering from “writer’s block”, try to write even one or two sentences. It may just be a few sentences of gibberish and not related to the story itself, but you have to persist and not be disheartened.

Short Writing Sessions

Make it a habit to bring along a notebook and pen so you can write whenever inspiration strikes you but try limit it to an hour or under an hour.

You may be riding a bus and get stuck in traffic when a thought suddenly enters your mind. Simply write down your thoughts. If you didn’t get to finish what you were writing at the time, no need to rush. This is a good reason for you to continue where you left off during your scheduled writing time.

Get It Done

Don’t make excuses if you are planning to be a serious writer. It might be a bit difficult at first but making a habit out of taking an hour or two a day to simply focus on writing would be a perfect start.

Overall, it isn’t easy to find time the write. You really need to try to set aside a time to write.

Infographic by: Pinterest