5 Tips to Writing a Novella

If you are an aspiring writer, a novella would be a great start to your writing career. The length of a novella is long enough not to be considered a short story and short enough not to be considered a novel.

Here are some tips to help you on your way.

Define and Plot

One important thing to remember is that a novella has a word count limit of about 50,000. Once you have this set, your next step is to plot the story.

Keep in mind that a typical novella has few characters, few setting changes, and one clear plot that the story will revolve around.

Character Limit

Keep the number of characters in your novella limited. If you are writing a novella series, you can add in one or two characters that can help readers make a connection to the next novella that you have yet to write.

Set A Pace

With the limited word count, a good novella should be set in a pace that gradually builds up to the climax or the cliffhanger ending. A good practice is to write an outline of the novella and create an initial draft.

Cliffhanger or Climax Ending

Some authors love creating cliffhanger endings particularly for series-type novellas. This makes your readership want to continue reading onto the next novel.

Your other option would be to finish the story with a good climax but with a hint of what they can look forward to. If you are not writing a series novella, having the story end with a good climax should be noted.


Edit, Proofread, and Edit Again

Once you’re done with your initial draft, set the novella aside for a day or two. Don’t be tempted to proofread and edit on the same day that you finished writing the draft. Taking a step away from what you wrote will also give your brain enough time to rest giving you a fresh start when you re-read your initial draft.

The novella might be a bit challenging due to the word count limit, but it really is a good way to start improving your writing skills.